Half Pig Pack

Half Pig Pack

Side of pork
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A TRUE side of pork. Not only do you get all your favorite pork items like bacon, ribs, and chops, you get EVERYTHING else as well! Fat for rendering your own lard, bones for making nutritious broth, skin for homemade chicharrones, feet for your favorite pig trotters recipe, and liver packed full of vitamins and minerals.This is a great way to get everything you already know and love, and maybe a few items you haven't tried before. We believe in the importance of Head To Tail cooking, using every part of the animal, and are always excited to get to try something new!

With this pack, you'll receive 90lbs of pork at an amazing discount! Save $150 compared to buying these cuts at full retail price individually.

8- Shoulder Steaks 14oz 

4- Loin Chops 14oz 

8- Rib Chops 14oz 

1- Pork Tri-Tip 3lbs

1- Spare Ribs 

6lbs- Bacon

2lbs- Bacon Ends

10lbs- Sausage (up to 2 different flavors)

5lbs- Ground Pork

12lbs- Ham Steaks

2- Ham Hocks 1lbs

1- Pork Hock 5lbs

1- Jowl 2lbs

4- Feet

3lbs- Bones

2lbs- Liver

5lbs- Skin

10lbs- Fat

All Shouler Steaks and Chops are packaged 2 in a pack. These weights are estimates and can vary slightly.