Lamb Whole Share

Lamb Whole Share

Whole Lamb
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Looking for amazing grass fed Lamb at an incredible price? With our share program, you can buy an entire lamb. It's simple, we raise the lamb, you buy the lamb, we drop it off at the processor for you, and you make the cut order exactly as you would like it. This is a great way to fill your freezer for the year so you never have to worry about what's for dinner. Save money and get the cuts you want.

We raise our lambs on pasture. We use an intense rotational grazing pattern so they evenly graze the grass, and spread their manure. That manure is the the fertilizer for the grass, and after an appropriate amount of rest, the lambs can re-graze that same land. This regenerative method helps rejuvenate the soil, and provides a healthier diet for our animals. Because our animals are grass fed, they take more then twice as long to finish. This is because the time to mature the meat naturally is a much slower process.

A Whole Lamb Share averages about 50lbs of lamb by the time it has been cut and wrapped. Weights can vary slightly.

Current processing fees are $200 for a whole lamb. This fee is determined by the processor and is subject to change.